Meet The Chiropractor

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Dr. Oceane Clement

- Chiropractor

Dr. Oceane started her chiropractic studies in Europe and later completed them in New Zealand where she graduated from the internationally respected New Zealand College of Chiropractic.
After giving birth to her son she developed a keen interest in perinatal and paediatric chiropractic care and has participated in several chiropractic perinatal seminars, as well as participating in Spinning Babies® workshops.

Oceane also holds Board certification to provide Extra-Vertebral Techniques (EVT), which permits her to apply chiropractic care to the extremities (arms, legs, jaw…)

Outside of practice she is a Reiki practitioner, passionate about yoga and an avid foodie!


From Oceane:

“I truly believe that chiropractic is an amazing tool to help reconnect with the incredible innate power that we all have inside of us. In the daily race of life its easy to forget what we're capable of, but a chiropractor is here to remind you of your own inner capabilities, to help you regain trust in your body and to guide you towards a more optimal version of yourself.”