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We believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to obtaining regular chiropractic care.
Regular and consistent visits are made possible for everyone through our flexible fee system. Everyone is welcome.

We believe getting regular chiropractic adjustments is something that benefits every person, no matter their age or health concerns.
However, we are aware that regular chiropractic care for whole families can quickly become hard to sustain financially.
Sadly, this often means that chiropractic care is only sought when problems have already become severe and chronic.
This is why we have decided to offer our chiropractic services under a
flexible fee system.
This means that your Christchurch chiropractor is able to give her best 
recommendations for you and your family without you having to worry about commitment due to
 financial constraints. 


First Visit Consultation (45 mins): $90

Regular visits: Flexible Fee  (we will explain this in more details during your first visit)